Mention of ethnicity was wrong

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I read your article "Mall merchants express regret about incident," which was the follow up to the March 1 article "Manager charged with attacking man in store." I am appalled that the Empire found it necessary to describe the 12-year-old boy involved in the incident as "a 12-year-old Native boy." Since when is it necessary to use ethnicity to describe the boy when no one else in the article is described by their race? This is just another example of how the media can take an incident and make it sound like it is a racial issue. Your job should be to report the news, not to try to divide the community.

We try to teach our children to treat everyone as equal, but unfortunately they have to be exposed to this kind of garbage. I'm so disappointed.

JoAnn Cameron


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