A road wouldn't just serve Juneau

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Every time I read in the Empire a letter criticizing the road to Skagway, the thought comes to mind that people in Juneau think this road is just for them. For their information, those of us that don't live in Juneau will own part of that road also.

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In the smaller towns, we don't have the plane service Juneau has, and we don't have the miles of paved roads Juneau has to drive on. If people in Juneau want to drive the Alaska Highway, all they have to do is take a four-hour ferry ride, shorter on the fast ferry, and they are on the highway. We have to take an additional ferry for eight hours and then wait who knows how long for the ferry connection to Haines or Skagway. If this road was there, after the eight-hour ferry ride from Petersburg, we would be on our way.

The road is a vital piece of infrastructure that will pay dividends for generations. It needs to get built as soon as possible.

So, Juneau, quit thinking only about yourselves on the road issue, or we might only think about ourselves if the capital move issue comes up again.

John Winther


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