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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2007

I agree with managing editor Lori Thomson's statement in Sunday's Juneau Empire, soliciting volunteer columnists. The editorial page should be thoughtful and thought-provoking on issues of local and state politics, community issues and social trends that affect Alaskans. While it's great if volunteer columnists can contribute to those discussions, at most newspapers that's one of the core responsibilities of the editors.

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Whether because of a lack of ideas, interest or courage, the Empire editors seem to have abandoned this important part of the newspaper's relationship to the community.

The Empire did not even make endorsements in last year's primaries or in the local and statewide general elections.

I'm really not very interested in the views of the editors of such papers as the Miami Herald from which the Empire seems so eager to borrow. I would like to know the opinions of the Empire's editors on important issues. Please answer your own solicitation and let the community know on a regular basis what you're thinking.

Tony Sholty


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