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Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anchorage sues motel under nuisance law

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ANCHORAGE - The city has sued a downtown motel and threatened to shut it down after it drew more police calls than any other building in Anchorage last year.

The 535 police calls made from the downtown Mush Inn Motel and the shooting death of a 36-year-old man there late last month have city officials fed up.

"I decided I had enough of it," said Mayor Mark Begich as his office filed a lawsuit declaring the motel a public nuisance.

The lawsuit was filed in Anchorage Superior Court under the state's new nuisance laws.

The motel's owners said the lawsuit came without warning and they aren't sure what exactly the city wants them to do.

Young Kim said her family bought the business about two years ago and have since installed security cameras and regularly turn away problem customers.

Kim said the motel's location makes it vulnerable to trespassers. The Anchorage Jail is visible from the parking lot and a homeless shelter is a few blocks away.

But Begich said the volume of police visits to the business can't be ignored and are a sign that the motel's management style needs improving. On Feb. 24, David Hubbard was shot and killed after what prosecutors called a cocaine party.

Star Trek's voyage thwarted near Kodiak

KODIAK - Star Trek voyaged where no ship's captain wants to go.

The fishing vessel - bearing the same name as the science fiction television series - ran aground on the beach of Island Bay on the Alaska Peninsula early Wednesday morning.

A Coast Guard helicopter rescued its crew of three, and the men - whose names have not been released - were returned to Kodiak uninjured.

The crew of Star Trek, which has its home port in Homer, was fishing for cod.

Kodiak Harbor Master Marty Owen spoke with the Star Trek crew, and said they reported they were in good shape and happy that nobody was lost. However, the 32-foot fishing boat with a ripped hull is probably a total loss.

The cause of the Star Trek's grounding is still under investigation, but the Coast Guard reported there were high winds and 20-foot seas.

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