AMHS ferry crew shows compassion

Posted: Monday, March 08, 2010

My wife and I would like to take a moment to thank the captain and crew of the LeConte who sailed Feb. 26 from Juneau to Haines.

When our canine had a medical emergency inside of our vehicle, one of the crewmembers took notice and promptly notified the purser. We were notified immediately and were allowed to be accompanied below decks to render aid and do what we could.

The crew took time out of their busy schedule whenever they could to offer their help and ensure we had what we needed. Even though some of these folks were not dog owners, they all showed compassion and caring.

We would like to commend the Alaska Marine Highway for their professionalism and the caliber of their employees. For those of us who bring our canines into our home and make them part of the family, dealing with their pain can be a trying time, and this case was no different.

Our heartfelt thanks to those on this ship that made this so much easier to deal with and ultimately saved the life of our faithful friend and companion. Best regards to captain and crew.

Matt and Renette Jones


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