In defense of the Glory Hole

Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2000

It's been interesting following the recent comments in the Word of Mouth column. It seems there are quite a few people that would like to close down the Glory Hole to prevent drunks. I guess the logic goes something like: most drunks are poor, poor people use the Glory Hole, shut down the Glory Hole and we'll stop drunkenness.

Now, its been awhile since I've been drunk and maybe things have changed. But the last time I went stumbling down the street and threw up on someone's shoes, I'd just stumbled out of a bar, not a bed.

If you want to get drunks out of Juneau, it seems far more direct to shut down the bars that serve liquor - not the shelters that serve the poor.

If we can get the bad elements of society out of town by shutting things down, I want to know what we need to shut down to get rid of the selfish and narrow-minded folks that would stop someone else from helping the needy, just so they don't have to look at drunks.

Alan Kinsolving

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