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Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2000

We should come together as a community and write letters to Judge Patricia Collins with our ideas of sentence recommendations for Joel Taplin.

I have two DWIs and it's nice to know that I can count on the district attorney's office to plead out on a lesser charge if I get another one.

Joel Taplin got away for the same reason O.J. Simpson did. He had enough money. I'm totally disgusted that his charges were pleaded down.

The best thing that could happen to the alcohol and drug program is to take it out of city's hands. We need people that are there because they care, not for the money.

I was happy to see the police making traffic stops on Egan Drive and Douglas Highway yesterday morning. It hasn't happened in a long time. I was especially glad because I was being terrorized by a guy in a big pick-up who was cutting in and out of traffic, including the express bus.

I'd like to remind the people of North Douglas that the people from West Juneau don't have to stop to let cars onto the bridge in the morning. You have a stop sign, we don't. It is because we are considerate citizens that we stop and let cars into traffic. The least you could do is give us a wave.

I support the airport's new shuttle service to any hotel at half the cost that the taxis have been charging. It made me realize how cabs have been taking advantage of us in Juneau for a long time.

Whether of not you agree or disagree with the Mackie plan, the amount of attention it has received warrants it to go out before the voters. At that point, the majority of the owners of the fund can decide, as a whole, the fate of the plan.

I'm not worried that the TAC is holding hands with the flightseeing operators. I'm concerned that the operators and TAC have their hands in each others' pockets.

When children come to my house selling things, I always support them and buy something. Last week, a young man came and asked me to sponsor him for Aqualaps. I did and much to my surprise I received a thank you note from this young man. I wanted to say good luck to him and thanks for taking the time to write.

The school days have not been reduced. The students will attend school for the same number of days and the teachers will actually increase their work from 182 to 183 days.

I want to compliment the night groomers up at Eaglecrest. The slopes have never looked better. Thanks for looking out for us.

How fast are our wonderful high-speed ferries going to be able to travel in 7- to 10-foot seas?

With all the downsizing going on in both the state and the city, it is not right for political appointees to get salary increases. It is not fair to the public or other government employees.

Why is the DMV always closed on Willoughby Avenue? Why don't they just shut it down, there's never anybody there. It's a waste of taxpayers' money.

In an era where there is so much violence, the editorial cartoon that shows Al Gore with an ax is really inappropriate. Perhaps the Empire can get a more balance opinion and leave out the violence? I'm tired of this cartoonist being featured on the editorial page.

Why doesn't the Empire limit Ellen Goodman's column to one day a week? Let's get a black libertarian like Walter Williams or if you want a conservative, how about another black man, Thomas Soul. Both are doctors of economics and their columns are excellent.

Whoever made the decision about the present Malaspina layup should resign or be fired. So many bad calls rolled into one layup calls for a thorough investigation. No crew, no heat, inadequate power, engines disabled and all in a salt water environment. The ship was all but abandoned.

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