This is conservatism?

Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2003

I have prepared my own report card for the Bush Administration:

National Debt: The U.S. currently owes roughly $22,074 for every man, woman and child in the country. Interest alone on the national debt is 15 percent of our budget and $407 a year for each individual. Yet this administration gave a tax cut to the rich, adding to our deficit and indebtedness. Grade: F

Stock Market: Dow Jones average at last presidential election: $10, 700 plus; Dow Jones high on Jan. 24, 2000, was 11,738; Dow Jones on day before Sept. 11 was 8,235; Dow Jones high since 9/11 was 10,572 (so that excuse is out); and Dow Jones is now 7,700 plus. Conclusion: The Dow Jones was healthy at Bush's election, even healthier shortly thereafter, but by 9/11 was in the cellar, rebounded, and now is deep down in the pits at a cost of untold billions to shareholders. Grade: F

Budget: The budget surplus when Bush took office was $127 billion; budget deficit in FY ending 9/02 after a tax cut for the rich was $159 billion. We are spending untold billions more for an illegal war hyped by a huge propaganda campaign. All this is sending the deficit spiraling to subterranean depths. Grade: F

Foreign Relations: With other countries are at an all time low; the U.N. is under attack and NATO is fragmented. Sympathy for the U.S. due to 9/11 has been squandered. Old friends are deserting us and Americans are being spat upon overseas because of Bush's bullheaded insistence on war. Grade: F

Quality of Life: This administration systematically reduces individual rights and personal freedoms with Gestapo tactics and disdain for the Constitution. Programs benefiting people are cut or eliminated wholesale while giving handouts and tax breaks to corporate friends and the rich. Grade: F

Environment: This administration aids and abets wholesale assaults on our environment by corporate interests in the name of "development" and "easing" restrictions - put there in the first place to protect us. Grade: F

Oil prices: Are at an all time high. This is great news and windfall profits for the energy companies with their incestuous connections to this administration. Not so good for John Q. Public, however, who is faced with ever higher costs for his fuel and electricity. Grades: A for greed, F for people.

Arrogance: Grade: A"

So much for this "conservative" administration.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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