President Bush is crippling democracy

Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2003

Like many Alaskans and citizens worldwide, I am deeply concerned with the heavy-handed policies and blatant disregard for diplomacy that our current administration endorses. Our "elected" commander-in-chief is systematically crippling the foundation of democracy, the voice of the people. History has never witnessed this voice speak with such strength and solidarity, and yet our government is undaunted, and continues with its tired rhetoric for war.

Being born in Alaska during the Carter administration, I was fortunate enough to come of age in a time of relative peace. In many ways the Cold War provided a context where values and convictions could be refined and where young people understood the blessings of freedom. I was taught to think globally and act locally. This expression has unfortunately become less effectual as many young people have become disillusioned and apathetic due to what can be interpreted as nothing less than the degradation of social democracy. It is frightening to imagine where our youth will turn if they realize that the influence of their communities, families and selves are ignored. Such are times where our values as a people are being fundamentally dismantled. I encourage all who oppose the proposed war with Iraq to take action, and realize that, in reality, this is a war on our way of life, and once these freedoms are destroyed they will never return.

I support and admire Judith Maier, K.J. Metcalf, John Dunker, and all others worldwide who rally for peace and refuse to endorse this dangerous and misguided status quo. In many ways, they represent the last structure of checks and balances we have left.

Chad Edwards

Port Stephens, Australia

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