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Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2003


No, from the Brotherhood Bridge to Eagle Beach is the area that needs improvement.

No, we do not need to spend millions to improve traffic flow on Egan Drive. I challenge anyone to find a city of Juneau's size anywhere in the U.S. with less traffic. Anyone who thinks there is traffic congestion here has probably not driven in any other city in a long time. Of course, once we build a road out of town that no longer will be the case.

Spend that sum of money on the West Egan as opposed to what? A second channel crossing? It would seem we might lessen pollution and traffic congestion with an alternative route to downtown. Remember when traffic was blocked into and out of downtown and Douglas when the radio tower at the hospital intersection was loose? What would happen if we had an avalanche or a mudslide that blocked our access to and from downtown? A second channel crossing would lessen travel time and reduce auto pollution to and from Eaglecrest. The same relief would occur with a ferry terminal on north Douglas Island to Hoonah on the discussed shuttle ferry alternative. I can't imagine driving from the Valley to downtown all the way to North Douglas as a commute, especially with most folks being concerned about automobile pollution these days. W e need to thoughtfully expend and utilize our federal highway dollars to provide the most beneficial impact to our area.




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