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Posted: Wednesday, March 09, 2005

... to Juneau Arts and Humanities Council

Kudos to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council for providing yet another venue for artists to express themselves with the fifth annual Wearable Arts Fashion Show. Your unconditional support of local artists is invaluable. Your organization is to be commended for supporting artists in our community with courage and conviction and without censorship or fear. There is no true art where there is fear, only complacency and mediocrity. Our town is full of all types of people with varying ideas as to how art is defined, interpreted and expressed. And thank goodness for that. This creates a dialogue that must happen if our community intends on keeping alive and dynamic. Although heart rates may be up at least we know people are awake and paying attention. Sometimes people need to be reminded of the rich and diverse, albeit different, points of view that come together to make this small but incredibly talented community interesting and fun. Thank you JAHC for persisting in keeping art fresh, alive and real in our beautiful town.

Doniece Falcon

... to Alaska Marine Lines

Dan Kelly, Alaska Marine Lines General Manager in Ketchikan recently received a thank you from the Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council including Fran Compton, CEO of TAGSC with Gretchen Skillings and Renee Woodell. Ketchikan board members recognized Dan for the partnership he has fostered between AML and Girl Scouts all over Southeast Alaska. A big part of the successful cookie program for Girl Scouts is AML's wholehearted support for cookie delivery. AML and Dan Kelly play a pivotal role in insuring that cookies get delivered to 10 communities that participate in the program. Thanks to AML, the major portion of each box sold stays in the Southeast communities. Dan wouldn't admit which is his favorite cookie, but girls all over Southeast Alaska are happy that he likes them.

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