More than pay should steer officers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2006

After the police recruitment article in the Empire on Feb. 27, I felt compelled to write a letter to the editor.

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I've dreamed of becoming involved with the Juneau Police Department for years, and I knew that I wanted to work for the department before I was a freshman in high school.

Now I'm 24. I've had some personal issues that prevented me from trying out for the force, but now I'm finally able to try and accomplish my dream on April 15. I've been training for about six months now, and it surprises me that most of the people that attempted to get onto the force haven't committed themselves to what they feel are their goals.

It's sad to see that the chief is forced to look at raising the starting pay and taking different means of advertisement, just to get more applicants. Yes, the pay is a nice incentive, but I bet that for most of the people, the pay is what pushed them to apply. What are things coming to? We need people who truly love the law and people to apply, not the ones whose only true incentive was the money.

Another thing that got me was seeing people comment about the new seat belt law and how they feel we're going too far. We enforce those laws to keep you and your children safe. If that means that we have to give someone a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, than that's how it's got to be. The department just wants to serve and protect our community and make sure that our families are safe. Please, let's not criticize them for reminding us what the laws are. The laws are in place for very specific reasons.

Being a single parent of two boys, I speak for all parents when I say that it is the worst thing that could ever happen to us - to see our children in pain and know that you could have prevented it, all by a simple seat belt. Instead of criticizing the officers, let's praise them for taking time away from their families to make sure that ours are safe.

Thank you, JPD, for making this community a safe place to live!

Lea Miller


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