Marriage should be a right for everyone

Posted: Monday, March 09, 2009

Bravo to Madeleina Ellingson-Van Sickle for her essay, "Pro-love," in the March 8 Juneau Empire. Madeleina makes several strong, nicely argued points in support of gay marriage.

Her strongest point is that this is a civil rights issue concerning rights that should be extended to all members of a society. Her example of interracial marriage points out the danger of letting the majority make civil rights decisions that affect a subset of society. Those decisions are too often based on cultural biases that work to deny equal rights.

A woman's right to vote is another example of a civil right denied a societal group based on a cultural bias against women. Today, the notion of denying women the right to vote is unthinkable. We can hope that future generations will see gay marriage in the same light and extend that right to all citizens.

Judy Andree


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