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Posted: Friday, March 10, 2000

I'm a confused and concerned non-parent adult. What should I do when I see two children, under the age of 6, playing with a toy gun? One was pressing the gun's barrel at the other child's head. With all the violence, perhaps it's a good time to talk to your children.

Subsistence is a mess, the budget is in shambles. Thank goodness the Legislature has the courage to tackle the weighty issue of who gets to sit out during the Pledge of Allegiance.

I too support the new shuttle service at the airport. I just wish that they would have at least one vehicle equipped with a wheelchair lift. As it stands, the only transportation option for me is Care-A-Van.

A big thank you to the very thoughtful gentleman and his dog for regularly picking up the trash from the airport walk. You do a great service for the hundreds of us who enjoy the wetlands walk.

Out of 30 pay phones in town, not one is designed for the hearing impaired. I understand that they are available in the library, but what about in an emergency? I have lived here for 26 years and think it is unfair.

Kim Elton should be ashamed of himself and I'm ashamed that I've supported him in the past. We'll never be able to get a vehicle on a ferry with only 31 spaces. We'll never be able to get out of Juneau.

If the governor is going to subsidize any agency such as the Alaska Marine Highway or the Alaska Railroad, why not build a bullet train to Skagway and from there on to Fairbanks. We'll get the Canadians to chip in and maybe make money instead of losing it with the existing agencies.

Thanks to the JPD for finally providing some enforcement regarding the speed limit on Egan Drive. The downside is that everyone is speeding again today. Maybe they should get out there more than twice a year and remind people that 55 really means 55.

Hoonah Totem shareholders, what do you think of our choice regarding the settlement trust? After testimonial meetings and a random limited survey, they have given us a choice. It's almost like a having a choice between jail and the electric chair.

Are the people who are going to take over the drug and alcohol program not going to be paid?

I would like for the city mental health workers to follow their own advice. Accept what happened and go on with your lives.

I went to see ``House of Blue Leaves.'' I thought it was an amazing, poignant show with heartfelt performances.

We voted to move the capital but not fund it. If the Mackie Plan is implemented, our legislators will have enough money to buy the land and build and move the capital north. We will have no capital, no roads, worthless property and a lot of taxes.

I guess it's OK for the city to discharge raw sewage into Auke Bay. The thought of fishing for salmon at the ferry terminal is not very appealing. Clean it up.

Juneau is an expanding community. It is time to seriously consider adding a bridge to North Douglas.

To the person who stole the gym bag out of my car on North Douglas last week: I would appreciate it if you would be a courteous thief and return my cycling, running and aerobics shoes. You can keep the bag but I sure would like my shoes back.

Everyone is so worried about the raw sewage that the cruise lines are dumping into Lynn Canal. What about the sewage we dump into the Mendenhall River?

In response to the person who lets traffic onto the bridge from North Douglas, I would like to say thank you very much.

I'd like to remind people that the loading zone of the fish and game building in Douglas is exactly that. Not a place to park when you run into the Douglas Post Office.

It's time to eliminate ``Word of Mouth.'' Why doesn't the Empire use this space for something more productive. A column where people have to be accountable for what they say.

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