Respect land, people

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 10, 2003

A local woman writes a kind, non-confrontational letter in her local paper and gets blasted by an outsider shooting from the hip. Not in Juneau, right? Wrong.

Geoff Brandt's March 4 letter is proof. More locals should follow Emily Ferry's (March 3) footsteps and show a greater desire to learn more about, and become a part of the surrounding area that is SE Alaska. SE Alaska is unique, and the land deserves to be treated with deep respect. Remember, the earth is our mother.

Chicken Little? Geoff, even you and your New York congressman could pinpoint the vast clearcuts on Prince of Wales Island and those around the villages of Kake and Hoonah. Once you clearcut a forest it will never be the same.

Also your "facts" are misleading. About 34 percent of the Tongass is covered with commercial grade timber. That percentage can be divided into high volume-low volume areas.

Geoff, guys like you send the wrong message.

Nicholas Lyon


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