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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2005

Last week four hockey teams from the Yukon participated in the Old-timers Hockey Tournament hosted in your city. We had a great time and the local old-timers hockey organization has to be congratulated on a job well done.

With no road access to Juneau it was an organizational effort for us to arrange our travel plans and we had major delays in arriving due to weather. As a long-time Yukon resident, with many close friends in Juneau, I would like to voice my support for the initiative to build the road to Skagway. If we have road access to our sister capital city, you will find that that there will be countless two-way weekend exchanges of people involved in the arts, sports and recreation, which only bodes well for both of our communities.

I remember when the Skagway/Whitehorse highway was built, and there was a considerable number of naysayers opposed to the construction. I think it safe to say these same people are making use of this beautiful highway and it has only improved their quality of life.

Dan Lang

Whitehorse, Yukon

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