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Posted: Monday, March 10, 2008

In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

In Alaska

• In 1938, the town of Port Alexander at the south end of Baranof Island was incorporated. The Baranof Hotel formally opened in Juneau with a gala celebration.

• In 1939, home and office long-distance service was inaugurated in Juneau. It was no longer necessary to place calls from the Federal Building.

• In 1959, the Alaska State House approved a salary of $25,000 for the governor of Alaska.

• In 1964, Mount Pogrommi, on Unimak Island, erupted, sending flaming chunks of rock 5,000 feet into the air.

In the nation

• In 1848, the Senate ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the war with Mexico.

• In 1876, the first successful voice transmission over Alexander Graham Bell's telephone took place in Boston as his assistant heard Bell say, "Mr. Watson - come here - I want to see you." (The words were recounted by Bell in his lab notebook.)

• In 1880, the Salvation Army arrived in the United States from England.

• In 1949, Nazi wartime broadcaster Mildred E. Gillars, also known as "Axis Sally," was convicted in Washington, D.C., of treason. (She served 12 years in prison.)

• In 1980, "Scarsdale Diet" author Dr. Herman Tarnower was shot to death in Purchase, N.Y. (Tarnower's former lover, Jean Harris, was convicted of murder; she served nearly 12 years in prison before being released in January 1993.)

In the world

• In 1629, England's King Charles I dissolved Parliament; he did not call it back for 11 years.

• In 1785, Thomas Jefferson was appointed minister to France, succeeding Benjamin Franklin.

• In 1948, the body of the anti-communist foreign minister of Czechoslovakia, Jan Masaryk, was found in the garden of Czernin Palace in Prague. Authorities said that his death was a suicide, but others continue to claim that he was murdered.

• In 1988, prior to the 50th anniversary of the Anschluss, Austrian President Kurt Waldheim apologized on his country's behalf for atrocities committed by Austrian Nazis.

• In 2003, facing almost certain defeat, the United States and Britain delayed a vote in the U.N. Security Council to give Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to disarm. Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, told a London audience: "Just so you know ... we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas."

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