Tribe should not give up land in Ketchikan

Posted: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ketchikan is Taan ta Kwaan land, not Tsimshian or Haida land. Ketchikan Creek belongs to the Gaanax adi Clan. Ketchikan Creek was given as a wedding present to the Gaanax adi Clan by the Sanya Kwaan (Cape Fox People).

Taan ta Kwaan lands extend to Pennock Island, Gravina Island, Annette Island, Village Island, Duke Island, Prince of Wales Island, Long Island, Kassaan Bay, Tongass Island, Portland Canal and Nakat Bay - all ancestral territories of the Taa ta Kwaan (Sealion People).

Taan ta Kwaan is one of the oldest tribes in the Tlingit Nation and the Gaanax adi Clan is the oldest clan in the Tlingit Nation.

What makes Ketchikan Indian community think that they are entitled to Tlingit land? Why do some want to sell out Native people for a mere 23,040 acres of land?

The Tongass tribe never relinquished any of its lands. The land was stolen from the tribe, and some of the tribal members were murdered for not wanting to sell the land in Indian Town, as the place was called in the 1900s.

I am representing my family, the Gaanax adi Clan. We say no to any land claims in Ketchikan. What makes you think Sealaska is going to give lands to Ketchikan? They would have done something 30 years ago. The Landless Coalition group in Ketchikan doesn't represent me or my family or clan. I do not speak for the opposite clan of the Taan ta Kwaan - make that clear.

If our tribe wants to go for the land claims owed by the federal government, fine. But it will be Tongass tribe members who are entitled to village corporation status, and no one else. It would be called, "Taan ta Kwaan, Inc" or "Village of the Tongass Tribe."

Ketchikan Indian Community, Alaska Native Brotherhood or Sisterhood, Tlingit and Haida Central Council and the Ketchikan Landless Coalition doesn't have permission to speak on our behalf. Those in the Gaanax adi Clan will speak for ourselves. Giving up millions of acres of ancestral lands for a mere 23,040 acres is ludicrous. What have you saved for future generations of our people?

If you disagree with me, e-mail or call me at 206-914-6425 Convince me I am wrong on this issue of land claims.

Don Hoff Jr.

"Aan Kadax Tseen"

Gaanax adi Clan

Raven House/

Drift to Shore House

Taan ta Kwaan

Hixson, Tenn.

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