Government peep hole


Posted: Sunday, March 11, 2001

The bill introduced by Rep. John Coghill, requiring additional information to be dispensed under pain of liability, for women, (not necessarily moms) requesting abortions. Yet again we write laws that focus upon the poor, who can not escape to the Lower 48 to take care of problems. Are we making the assumption that only the poor do not understand the nature of fetal maturation? How will we get the pamphlets and pictures to Muffy flying to England to dovetail taking care of her little problem with a shopping trip? Do we assume that because Muffy's dad has sufficient airline miles that she is endowed with a singular knowledge of gestation?

This bill targets the poor and invades the doctor-patient relationship. It makes a mockery of the right to privacy and allows Big Brother and big government a peep hole into our most private decision-making. No matter how the laws regarding abortions are altered, the Muffys of this world will always be able to take care of their little problems. Let us not single out the poor in order to vent our self-righteous spleens.

Father Rob F. Bruschi, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Juneau

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