Science winners to compete in international fair

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2005

The winners of the Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair, held Saturday in Juneau, are Joey Bosworth and Erika O'Sullivan in a group project on the effects of age and succession type on the composition of forest overstory and understory; Sara Bogert, who studied how carbon source affects microbial sulfate reduction in mine tailings; and Sam Post, who studied how wing curve affects lift force.

They will compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair on May 8-14 in Phoenix, Ariz. Also attending as observers are Brenna Heintz and Clay Wertheimer, who studied hydrocarbons in Gastineau Channel.

Other award winners are: 2005 Coeur Third Year Awards: Brenna Heintz, Kevin Heffern, Clay Wertheimer, Matt Callahan, Devon Kibby. 2005 People's Choice Award: Clay Wertheimer and Brenna Heintz. American Chemical Society: Sara Bogert. Alaska Science Consortium: Aislinn Shaul-Jensen, Lia Heifetz, Kyle O'Brien. Audubon Society: Jill Carlile. Bartlett Regional Hospital: Bryan Crowder. Discovery Southeast: Clay Wertheimer and Brenna Heintz. El Sombrero's Thinking Outside the Breadbox Award: Daniel Piorkowski. Hearthside Books Thinking Outside the Breadbox Award: Paige Pahlke.

Also: Excellence in Behavioral Science Award: Erin Chalmers. Fabrications Award: Sam Post. Fred Eastaugh Award - Alaska Miners Association: Sara Bogert. Greens Creek Mining Co.: Margaret Schoenfeld. Juneau Amateur Radio Club: Sierra Gadaire. KTOO Technology Award: Kristina Paulick. Landscape Alaska Native Botany Award: Isaac Stark. Mendenhall Watershed Partnership: several certificates, main award to Matt Callahan. Miss Scarlet's Iris Award: Margaret Schoenfeld.

Also: Mount Juneau/Gastineau Masonic Lodge No. 21: Hannah Buck. National Weather Service: Elizabeth Stickel and Gordon Byrnes, Stephen Young. NOAA Marine Science Awards: Lyndsey Kelly, Brittany Lehnhart and Sarah Christianson. Southeast Alaska Master Gardeners Association: Matthew Hemenway, Susy Hurtte, Phillip Huebschen. UAS tuition scholarship: Erin Chalmers.

Also: U.S. Forest Service Natural Resources/Alaska Natural History Association: Levi Benning and T.J. Preston, Sara Cohen, Joey Bosworth and Erika O'Sullivan, Elizabeth Parker, Kevin Heffern. American Meteorological Society: Elizabeth Stickel and Gordon Byrnes, Stephen Young. American Psychological Assoc. / TOPSS: Hannah Buck. ASM International Foundation: Sam Post.

Also: Association of Women Geoscientists: Keri Williamson

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association: Samantha Eyre. Kodak: Claire Gross and Electra Gardinier Mu Alpha Theta Award: Elizabeth Parker. National Society of Professional Engineers: Samantha Eyre. Ricoh Sustainable Development Award: Joey Bosworth and Erika O'Sullivan. Society for In Vitro Biology: Kevin Heffern. SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering: Hope Aldrighette.

Also: U.S. Army: Sara Bogert, Samantha Eyre, Elizabeth Parker, Joey Bosworth and Erika O'Sullivan, Clay Wertheimer and Brenna Heintz. U.S. Navy: Elizabeth Parker, Clay Wertheimer and Brenna Heintz, Sam Post U.S. Metric Association: Kristina Paulick. U.S. Public Health Service: Kristin Jones. Water Environment Federation & ITT Industries - U.S. National Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Clay Wertheimer and Brenna Heintz. Yale Science & Engineering Association: Matt Callahan.

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