Thank you

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2005

... to skilled, caring people

Our community is fortunate to have skilled and caring people working at Bridge Adult Day Program, Care A Van and Pioneer Home. The care these organizations gave my husband, Dr. Roy Greening, during his visits as a client with Alzheimer's disease is heart warming and greatly appreciated. Their ability to care for him whenever I needed a break allowed me to have a few precious hours to myself, to work, go to school, play hockey, take care of family and household needs.

Everyone employed greeted Roy and me with genuine smiles, helping hands and tenderness in their eyes when they saw it was a day where he just struggled being. I was able to care for Roy in our home through the years right to the end of his long and well-lived life. I could not have managed without their help. I encourage everyone to reach out to help the elderly. They have stories to tell. They can help you fill your life with extra awareness of how wonderful it is to share with another human being and learn about the beauty around us.

Barbara Tomlinson Greening


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