Love Story: My dream has come true

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2005

I first met this girl when I came to Juneau in 1991 to help my brother move to Anchorage.

We "clicked" upon initial eye contact. The chemistry was there ! However, we could not pursue anything cuz she was in a relationship and I was married. The whole time here in 91, whenever we looked at one another we knew we belonged together.

I had also fallen in love with the Juneau area, and vowed one day I would return here to live.

I stayed in touch with LeeAnn through the years. At Christmas 2003,( I was living in Washington state) I sent my usual holiday greeting, but this time she replied in a different way. She expressed she still had "those" feelings for me. Being as I was no longer married and she was free, we began talking on the phone and the internet. She came to see me a few times where I lived and we embarked on a loving relationship. She even told me that she had waited for me all those years, hoping something would develop.

As of July 29, 2004, I have been living here in Juneau with her and her two sons. We love each other very much and look forward to a lifetime together ! My dream has come true.

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