Edna Bay meeting was poorly timed

Posted: Thursday, March 11, 2010

The community of Edna Bay is deeply disappointed that Chuck Kleeschulte canceled a recent meeting in Edna Bay.

Had he consulted with us first, we could have told him the timing of the meeting was ill-conceived and dangerous.

Why did Kleeschulte schedule a meeting for the beginning of the halibut season when many residents would be on the water? What was the rush to hold meetings during the middle of March, when snow storms frequently occur? Was getting this bill pushed through Congress really worth the risk to human life that holding the meeting at this time of year entailed?

Considering the devastating impact this legislation will have on our community, we call on Sen. Lisa Murkowski to fly out to Edna Bay herself before this bill goes any further.

Myla Poelstra

Edna Bay

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