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Posted: Sunday, March 12, 2000

Entirely too many young people in our community smoke cigarettes. We need to put advertisements around town expressing the dangers about smoking.

Thank you to the wonderful folks who put on the planetarium shows each month. My pre-schooler looks forward so much to the shows. Although the shows are noisy with a lot of excited kids, they generate interest in the stars. We are lucky to have a resource like this in our community.

When I found the Willoughby DMV office closed, I was told that they were short staffed. If one of their employees is absent, there is no one to fill in for that job.

Juneau has a large gay population. Why don't we have solidarity? We need more festivities and we need to come together.

It's time to eliminate ``Word of Mouth.'' Why doesn't the Empire use this space for something more productive. A column where people have to be accountable for what they say.

I don't understand the big problem that the community has with Word of Mouth. It's entertaining and provocative.

I have lived in every state in this country. After spending the last six months in Juneau, I have to say that Juneau is the best place on earth. I like to thank Juneau for being so hospitable.

On Friday, I witnessed a gentlemen approach an elderly couple at a luncheon downtown. They had left their vehicle in a handicapped parking place. This man was so rude and would not let go of it. It turned out the couple had forgotten to hang their sign, it was just lying in the seat of the car. I hope that they were not too upset by this man's behavior. I certainly was.

New high school? We already have a new police station, what's next?

Everyone is so worried about the raw sewage that the cruise lines are dumping into Lynn Canal. What about the sewage we dump into the Mendenhall River?

In response to the person who lets traffic onto the bridge from North Douglas, I would like to say thank you very much.

I'd like to remind people that the loading zone of the fish and game building in Douglas is exactly that. Not a place to park when you run into the Douglas Post Office.

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