Bike path terror

Letters to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 12, 2001

Last Thursday began as a beautiful morning by Juneau standards. It wasn't raining and you could make out the glow of the near full moon behind the clouds. My dogs and I were taking our usual 4 a.m. walk on the bike path, relaxing and enjoying the solitude. Suddenly, I saw a set of headlights come careening down the bike path toward us at a high rate of speed. Words cannot express the intense fear I experienced as I shined my flashlight toward the car and ran for my life. I could have reached out and touched the white full-sized station wagon as it sped by, oblivious to the havoc and painful aftermath they left in their path.

The station wagon that turned down Garnet Street left from somewhere and arrived somewhere. Someone out there must know something and I hope that you will contact JPD. I understand it may be difficult. My concern and reason for writing this letter is to prevent the inevitable future death of a loved one if the person driving this car continues on their destructive course. If you do not speak out you will be equally responsible for this person's future actions. Please contact the Crime Line at 586-4243.

I would like to express immense gratitude to Dr. Pat Taylor of the Southeast Alaska Veterinary Clinic whose quiet expertise and calming voice can soothe a frightened, hysterical woman and her critically injured pet. Thanks to the caring staff who graciously endured our constant visitations. I would also like to thank JPD for their compassion, dedication, and responsiveness. And to friends and coworkers that showed their concern and support, a deeply felt thanks to you also.

Karen Boddy


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