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Posted: Monday, March 12, 2001

I found Kim Metcalfe's column in Sunday's paper fascinating. I am intrigued by the plan she and her friends in the Peace and Quiet Coalition have requested the city Assembly adopt immediately. I also would like to put forward a modest proposal to the assembly and urge its immediate adoption into law. Some of my friends and I have been getting together and we feel that we have come up with an excellent strategy to solve a distressing problem in our community.

Our problem is we hate going to work. We feel it disrupts our lives unnecessarily. Every day we have to leave our homes and the people we love in order to drive to our jobs along with everyone else in Juneau. Not only does this situation create unhealthy stress, it also causes traffic congestion, noise and pollution every morning and afternoon. We believe that we should be allowed to enjoy our homes and our families and quietly watch the sunset over Gastineau Channel at our leisure.

Simple legislation that would outlaw jobs and those things that force us to go to work could solve all these problems which adversely impact our quality of life. If only we didn't have to pay for groceries, gas, rent, clothing, etc., with money that we had to earn by working, our lives would be so much better. Accordingly, we have devised a simple plan to provide trust funds to every citizen, thereby doing away with the need to go to work and earn money.

We don't feel there needs to be any further input on this plan because we are very smart people who care more about Juneau than anyone else. And we get very upset when people disagree with us so don't even go there.

Betsy Fischer

Superior Citizen Solutions Coalition


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