False sense of security


Posted: Monday, March 12, 2001

I am writing this reply to a letter printed in the Empire on March 2, which was written by a concerned citizen about the drug ecstasy. The message sent out a false sense of security to our young people and surprisingly the Empire printed it.

It comments on my being misinformed, yet the author and his list of several doctors only response is to say "prove it," neglecting the emergency rooms across the country that treat the damage to the users and the innocent third party victims.

The letter admits that the most common reason people get hurt from the drug is dehydration and overheating the body by dancing.

What do you think is the underlying cause of the dehydration and overheating? Ecstasy is, as it upsets the thermoregulatory mechanism.

The letter blames the dancing, not the drug that causes the body core temperatures to get so hot that internal organs begin to bleed. Explain that to marathoners and fitness experts. The most critical life-threatening response to MDMA is hyperthermia, or excessive body heat.

The author and his several doctors believe ecstasy doesn't kill people, they just occasionally jump from buildings after consuming it, that ecstasy doesn't kill people, they just occasionally drive off cliffs after consuming it, that ecstasy doesn't kill people, they just occasionally die of heat stroke, internal bleeding, and cardiac arrest after consuming it.

I hope this reply is not too late, that some unfortunate soul was not tempted to experiment with something so very dangerous.

Ray Culbreth


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