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Posted: Monday, March 12, 2001

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Owners of the two little shih-tzus, Natasha and Sebastian, I need information on the cart you had for Natasha. A little weebopp was paralyzed by a drunk driver on the bike path. Please call 789-2748.

Karen Boddy

The new politically correct Word of Mouth stinks. What we have now is the communist Chinese version where people feel stifled and are afraid to speak their minds. Let's hope those few who demanded the change will soon die of boredom so the rest of us can have the old American version back. We can handle it.

Bob Croteau

Regarding the Capitol overcrowding and what can be done about it, has anyone considered the possibility of sacrificing the street block between Main and Seward on Fifth Street for the purpose of extending the Capitol most of the way to the Terry Miller Building? More parking could be excavated underground which would extend the current parking lot.

Elva Bontrager

Thanks to the Empire for putting in the little bits about not drinking and driving from MADD. I wish people would take that to heart before they become a victim.

June Gerrish

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