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Posted: Monday, March 13, 2000

Juneau residents have been struggling with the problem of rapidly growing tourism (a mixed blessing).

Some inspiration, even a few ideas, may be obtained by reading ``Managing Tourism Growth: Issues and Applications,'' by Fred P. Bosselman, Craig A. Peterson and Claire McCarthy (Island Press, April 1999). Fred Bosselman is professor of law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law and former president of the American Planning Association. There is one copy in the Juneau Public library, and Island Press can be reached at (800) 828-1302.

Certainly no book contains ready-made solutions for Juneau. Every destination community has to develop its own consensus vision of how it wants to become or remain, then an action plan followed by implementation. But ``Managing Tourism Growth'' gives examples of what other communities have done and how. Yes, tourism can be managed. Other destination communities have done it, so can we.

In ``Managing Tourism Growth,'' the authors offer examples of the ways in which uncontrolled tourism can adversely affect a community, and explains how to create an effective strategy that can protect local resources for current and future generations of both residents and tourists. There are detailed descriptions and evaluations of various approaches that communities around the world have successfully used. The authors examine alternative legal and regulatory measures, management techniques and incentives that target tourism growth at all levels, from the quality of development to its amount and rate of growth, to the locations in which it takes place.

Included in the book are various case studies including Santa Fe, New Mexico; Milford Sound, New Zealand; Nusa Dua, Bali; Great Barrier Reef, Australia; Sanibel, Florida; Canterbury, England; Republic of Maldives; Times Square, New York; Papua, New Guinea; Whistler, British Columbia; and many others. The last chapter gives a checklist of the elements of successful strategies that can help guide destination communities in the planning process.

Elizabeth Cuadra

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