Changes needed in waste management

Posted: Monday, March 13, 2000

The city and borough of Juneau should be ashamed of its holier-than-thou behavior toward the cruise ship pollution, given its own pathetic environmental record. The most recent Auke Bay crisis is yet another incident where borough management is busy pointing fingers. I hope that this leads to a thorough review of engineering, planning, and maintenance records of all the waste treatment sites borough-wide.

One of the first steps in socializing a child or a pet is potty training - a step that the CBJ is failing at miserably. Why allocate funds for a new high school when we can't seem to manage our own waste? Vancouver, British Columbia, is notorious for its dumping of under-treated waste. We seem intent on passing them when compensating for the population differences. We should turn any gain from the cruise ship fines to solving our own waste problems.

Where has the DEC been throughout this latest incident? How did they clear a permit to dump waste into Auke Bay or North Douglas? Why haven't they fined the CBJ for engineering that allowed oil seepage into its treatment plant? Who has eviscerated the enforcement arm of the DEC to the point that they roll over for local government?

Michael Reid Hunter

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