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Posted: Monday, March 13, 2000

With all the bad news about athletes on the sport pages, isn't it wonderful to have great people like Carlos Boozer, Trajan Landong in basketball and Scott Gomez in hockey representing Alaska? Thanks to the Empire for reporting on a large number of Alaskan kids performing at the college level.

To all the grocery stores in Juneau, please retrain your staff on how to properly handle groceries. I take my time to pick out the best fruit and vegetables, unbroken eggs, and unmolested bread only to go to the check out stand to have all that work completely thrown into a bag.

Children's ideas go entirely unheard today. We should listen to the children in our community. For example, we should find out what students think about the condition of the high school since they are the ones who spend time there.

Thank you to the Juneau Empire and the Word of Mouth column for allowing people, without a voice, to be heard and put their thoughts on paper - without fear.

Word of Mouth is a great column. I don't see why people are criticizing it, it's a good place for people to express their opinions.

Juneau is in desperate need of a place to buy quality clothes; we should get a GAP store.

I'm upset at the Hoonah Totem Corp.'s board. They heard us loud and clear through written and verbal testimony and a random survey and did what they wanted to anyway. Obviously, we are not that important. It's time for a change and for shareholders to stand up now.

Hoonah Totem Shareholders: boycott, boycott, boycott. Boycott the proxy that will be mailed to you giving you the choice between nothing and nothing. Show the board of directors that you are standing up for what you believe in. Show them you mean business.

Is it just me or are shareholders truly treated like second class citizens? It seems like the laws of the state of Alaska do not address the issues that are applicable to other people in the United States.

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