Robin Hood in reverse

Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2003

I read Laura Johnson's comments in Monday's Empire and shook my head. She is ignoring facts. I have noticed that is characteristic of dogmatic people.

Laura's vague blathering is typical of people with little substance to their arguments. Lack of specifics, labeling and name calling are common. Laura makes no effort at consensus or common ground. One would think that would be an absolute No. 1 prerequisite for her job as network coordinator of Juneau Economic Development Council's IDA (Individual Development Accounts), itself a laudable program. Instead she dogmatically positions herself as an opponent of "liberals" and labels them as "ruthless," "selfish" and "extreme environmentalists," lumping all indiscriminately in the same pot. I don't know why she didn't throw in "dirty, rotten, stinking, commie pinkos."

It is pertinent to observe that her job is funded in large part with taxpayer money from CBJ, the state of Alaska and the federal government.

Laura references Murkowski's "rather large" thumping of Fran Ulmer. I recall Murkowski himself being irritated upon being politely asked for specifics during the campaign. His answer was an arrogant "Look it up for yourself!" I remember Fran being very specific about Murkowski's ignoring reality - and she could give physic Jeane Dixon a run for her money. Fran told us then that Murkowski would have no choice but to raise taxes.

But Murkowski can demand tax increases across the board and still have the nerve to look the public in the eye and say, "A tax is not a tax - it's a 'user' fee!" But everyone else, including the state of Alaska, calls it a tax. Frank just can't say the word. It is typical obfuscation of reality - the common stock in trade of the modern-day so-called "conservative." The real conservatives must be rolling over in their graves.

Murkowski is a Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor, the aged, the children and the disadvantaged with one hand and giving to rich corporate friends with the other. Under Murkowski, Alaska will short change the needy and spend millions to lobby for the oil industry and other extractive industries - today's welfare recipients.

Eric Lie-Nielsen


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