Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2003

Due to reporter's error and incomplete or conflicting information provided to the Empire, a Tuesday article about a drug study involving Natives who are experiencing problems with alcohol contained several errors:

The correct phone number for the Juneau Naltrexone Study Office is 463-3193.

People need to be abstinent from alcohol for five days before enrolling in the study, not the 14 days cited in the article. People who have difficulty attaining five days of abstinence can receive assistance to reach the goal.

People using cannabis-marijuana are eligible to participate in the study.

Participants will be assigned randomly to one of three study groups. One-third of the participants will receive Naltrexone and Zoloft, one-third will receive Naltrexone and a placebo, and one-third will receive only the placebos.

The study's inception was December 2001 in Sitka; the study was implemented in Juneau in November 2002.





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