'Attu Boy' tells his tale in book

Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UNALASKA - Nick L. Golodoff has finally agreed to write a book.

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At 72, Golodoff still remembers many tales about his original home on the island of Attu.

Along with his family and fellow Attu residents, Golodoff was forced off the Aleutian Island village by the Japanese military during World War II. For years, fascinated listeners urged him to write a book about his life and the story of his village, which is now a U.S. Coast Guard base.

Their urging finally succeeded and Golodoff decided to write "Attu Boy," to be completed by fall 2007.

As his tales become history with every day that passes, and as one of the few people who still remains from the village of less than 100 residents, Golodoff felt it his duty to put his words to paper.

He began recording his stories with a tape recorder and sent the tapes to Brenda Maly, his granddaughter in Anchorage. She edits and types them up and has created a Website for the book.

"Attu Boy" tells the story of the 6-year-old Aleut boy and his journey from Attu to Japan and back to resettling in Alaska.

Maly said the book has taken her grandfather down a long tour of memory lane.

Once completed, Maly and her grandfather will publish the book themselves and are currently in contact with a possible future publisher.

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