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Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2008

In the late 80s, a phenomenon began occurring in which new songs were coming out with recognizable backbeats and samples from older songs. There are two wildly successful and atrocious examples of this. First, the dreaded Vanilla Ice jacked the bass line of the Queen/David Bowie collaborative masterpiece "Under Pressure" for his truly insipid "Ice, Ice, Baby." Even more successful at the time was the hot-air-balloon-pants-wearing MC Hammer and his wholesale lifting of Rick James' nasty-funk anthem "Superfreak." Ugh.

Personally, after hearing these ear-bleeders, I was determined to forever hate this trend. But then something remarkable happened. I heard an amazing Eddie Van Halen guitar riff unmistakably from "Jamie's Cryin'" anchoring a great rap from a gravely-voiced but smooth L.A. former gang member, Tone Loc. The song was "Wild Thing," and it was undeniably cool. All about the subtle art of getting it on with groupies.

Here we are about 20 years later and there is an awesome new remix of "Wild Thing" put together by none other than that raunchy sexpot herself, Peaches. Do you not know of the teaches of Peaches? Well, she is definitely rated-R, but she is great, and utterly consumed by gender roles and sex. Her remix of "Wild Thing" incorporates new verses that she recently recorded, with the original Tone Loc version, to make the song into a whole new duet between these two randy songsmiths.

• Andy Kline is the program director of KXLL/100.7 FM - Excellent Radio. He can be reached at To hear the Peaches Remix check out, or tune into KXLL's "Remix at Six" this Friday at 100.7 to hear the chronological order of the source tracks and the remix.

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