There are many options for diplomacy

Posted: Friday, March 14, 2003

As the United States careers toward war, the rest of the world is planning and building an infrastructure of peace and justice. The new International Criminal Court (ICC) is swearing in judges in The Hague. The United Nations inspections team is slowly but surely destroying Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The world is making progress. This is the intelligent process of many nations working together to create solutions that actually work, not actions that temporarily appease our feelings of revenge, fear or frustration.

Sen. Stevens, Sen. Murkowski, Rep. Young, citizens of Juneau, war does not have to happen. War is not inevitable. We don't have to put our troops in harm's way. We don't have to spend billions of dollars a day to eliminate Iraq's infrastructure and people. (We need that money here, in our economy) We can merely eliminate the actual problem - Saddam Hussein in a position of power. I believe that with world pressure, we can induce him to abandon his position and try him in the International Criminal Court.

President Bush has said we are running out of diplomacy options, yet the U.S. has not ratified the ICC, we have not given U.N. inspections enough time to work, we are not listening to our allies, and we lack unity in our foreign policy standards. Hurting your nasty neighbor up the street before they hurt you is no way to peace and security. War is insecure and makes us more vulnerable. War is not the answer.

Tia Anderson


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