Get off the boat

Posted: Friday, March 14, 2003

Geoff Brandt's letters of March 4 and 12 make some very important points that are hard to argue against. Let's face it. Trees are a renewable resource and could be an important source of much-needed revenues for not only the families that make a living in the logging industry but also for the community and state coffers as well.

Anyone who has taken the ferry or a cruise ship past Ketchikan can't help but see what a clearcut logged parcel of land looks like. It's ugly. Then when you look at what was once a clearcut acreage right next door, it's hard to see because it's now a thriving new growth forest.

There is a line from the movie "Apocalypse Now" by a character named Chef. After being scared by a tiger when he and Martin Sheen go ashore from their boat to look for mangoes in the jungle, he gets back aboard their patrol boat and keeps repeating the phrase "never get off the boat!" For those people who never want to get off the boat, I expect there's no argument I can make that will convince you logging can and should be a viable industry for as long as we need the resource. For those who do want to get off the boat and can look past that clearcut to the millions and millions of acres of protected forest on the other side of the mountain, I would hope you would also see through the arguments that the so called "green" community uses in defense of their stance on logging.

Richard Davis


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