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Posted: Friday, March 14, 2003

I j

ust caught the end of Con Bunde's committee on pulltab sales and the extra tax to be added to tab sales. The Legislature always compares Alaska to other states when trying to impose new taxes. Per capita is their way of comparing us to them. Perhaps the Legislature has forgotten that the population of Alaska is only a bit over 600,000 people and the states they compare us to have two to three times as many people as we do. The other states can very well afford to tax the way they do because they have the population to do so. Mr. Bunde stated spending on tabs in several communities goes toward those communities' charities! Would he rather they spend it on other sins? I believe that a very good way for the state to save money would be to limit the Legislature to 60 days, cut out their perks (such as their own private kitchen and waiters, cooks), lower their per diem and cut their pay! Other states do their business in 60 days, why not this Legislature also? Also we should have just one body of legislature. This is one way to help the state save money. You can bet that they wouldn't even consider this as a way to save the state money. Out of 120 days here, they spend the last two weeks trying to pass bills that should have been passed early on. Committees on committees to see the other committees are working is their way of doing things.

Ken Perkins


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