Vets deserve answers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2005

Have you ever wondered about the POW patch? Who designed it? He was a soldier during the Vietnam war that later lived underneath the bridges in Washington state. He had a problem with alcohol. He felt betrayed and left behind. He saw the men come back from the war sick with the effect of Agent Orange. The government dropped chemicals on the troops. Many came home sick. He felt betrayed over what the government did.

As we look back to the Gulf War, we see 165,000 soldiers who came home sick. Of those, 10,000 have died. Now we see our warriors being sent off to battle. Will they be taken care of when they come home?

Not too long ago a friend and I, along with several other vets, protested against the government in support of vets returning from the Gulf War. The government was destroying records. This incident was in Houston, Texas. We looked toward Gov. Frank Murkowski, who sat on the board of directors for those with the Gulf sickness. He had the records there. Were generals told to lie under oath? The government blew up ammunition dumps that contained chemicals and warheads.

I wrote to Lisa Murkowski, but she never had the courtesy to answer my letters. I pray for the warriors that are fighting for our freedom. They need to be taken care of properly.

Edward C. Furman


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