Ten people lose jobs when diner closes unexpectedly

Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Downtown Juneau eatery BaCar's closed its doors suddenly and indefinitely Sunday afternoon, after serving customers on Seward Street since 2003.

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Most staffers discovered the news when they showed up for work at 6 a.m. Monday.

"I heard the owner just left and that I didn't have a job," waitress Carissa Frisbie said.

Also, Pie in the Sky, a pastry and chocolate drink counter that began operating on the property late last month, was asked to leave the premises by Monday evening.

Head BaCar's cook and manager Ron Anderson said he was notified 10 minutes before the cafe closed Sunday.

The closure was unexpected, though signals became apparent a year ago when owners Barry and Carlene Shaw divorced, Anderson said. To the best of his knowledge, he said the store would not open again.

In his heyday, Barry Shaw put in 75 hours of work, Anderson said. BaCar's opened on Fourth Street nine years ago, before moving to Ketchikan, where it served a brief stint as a ferry restaurant aboard a ship with the Inner-Island Ferry Authority. Later it was voted "best breakfast" in Juneau in a regular media poll.

"He got old and tired, basically," Anderson said of his former boss.

Barry Shaw also wanted time off to visit a relative in England. Anderson said Shaw left for England on Monday.

The owner left enough money to pay the staff, Anderson said. The cafe employed about 10 people.

Pie in the Sky owner Andrea Mogil said she moved her supplies to Costa's Tin Pan Alley Diner at Merchants Wharf, where she is considering working as a cook and serving her specialty chocolate drinks.

"I'm keeping my options open," she said. "So, probably something good will happen."

Mogil said she tried to negotiate with the landlord's wife and lawyer for an extended stay on the property under a different agreement, but was denied.

"She said it was cheaper to have an empty space," Mogil said.

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