Mielke's letter was hateful and wrong

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In response to John Mielke's letter in Sunday's Juneau Empire, which stated the homosexual lifestyle is extremely harmful, I would suggest the writer actually meet and get to know some same-sex couples before spewing this kind of hate speech.

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Speech like this is discriminatory and hateful, and I am surprised, even with free speech alive and well, that the Empire would find this letter of such interest it needed to impose this particular brand of hate on everyone else. He is marginalizing more people right in his own backyard than he realizes.

The views toward a gay lifestyle in this letter were about as Victorian and fundamentalist-based as you can get. And quite incorrect. What is extremely harmful to children are adults in authority who believe teaching hate toward another human being is OK, that denying people basic human rights is acceptable if you don't agree with them, and that learning nothing more than stereotypes about people is enough to decide that children need to be protected for fear they'll fall into the homosexual lifestyle.

Children do need to be protected. This is correct. But to decide that the danger out there is allowing same-sex couples basic rights guaranteed under our constitution is very wrong indeed. Some people obviously don't read or listen to the news in which every single day heterosexual parents are being charged with torturing their children, starving or beating them to death, prostituting them, raping and molesting them, giving them drugs, bearing children with drugs and alcohol already in their systems, and denying them a rightful and God-given chance at a decent life. And yet, a same-sex couple or a gay person in authority is such a danger Mielke feels the need to warn everybody.

The very Bible he may be using for this warning says a lot more about love and acceptance of others than about the hate that was in his letter. Learn about the real world and the real dangers out there before warning people that the sky is falling.

Wayne Gill

Everett, Wash.

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