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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

John Mielke's diatribe against the homosexual "lifestyle" (Sunday's Juneau Empire) would be funny if it wasn't so ignorant. He needs to be a little more careful in his choice of words.

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One definition of "lifestyle" is "the way a person lives, including patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, dress, attitudes, values or worldview." I guess he is saying that Log Cabin Republicans have harmful political attitudes. Or that if gays work hard, pay taxes, obey the law and take their kids to soccer games, they are modeling damaging social values. Or that the vegetarians among them are engaging in harmful consumption. Or maybe gay Christians (yes, there are lots of them - can you say Ted Haggart?) hold an evil worldview. Wait, I've got it! Dress! It's the tight leather pants, right? And of course, there is nothing so deviant as a Bette Midler album.

Most of the gay people I know have admirable lifestyles. If Mielke is going to engage in bigoted stereotyping, at least he should use a word he knows how to define.

I submit that if he was honest, he'd admit that what grinds his grits is not the gay "lifestyle" (which doesn't even exist as a unitary social phenomenon), but gay sex. The thought of boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls after a long day at the office is what he can't stand. Well, the news is, some people with admirable lifestyles like to have sex with people of their same gender. Some people who live such despicable lives that they shouldn't be allowed to breed have sex with the opposite gender (and we have the Paris Hilton tapes to prove it). The sooner know-nothings like Mielke learn the difference between sex and lifestyle, the sooner we'll get them out of our private lives, where they have no business peeping.

Paul H. Grant


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