Thanks for help with FASD conference

Posted: Sunday, March 14, 2010

The 2010 Southeast Alaska Regional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Conference Coalition wishes to thank the many individuals, organizations, and presenters that helped to make the FASD Conference such a success. A conference this large can only be organized and offered by many and we apologize in advance if your name was overlooked.

Courtesy Of K.j. Metcalfe
Courtesy Of K.j. Metcalfe

Organizations and individuals: Northern Light United Church, Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services -Divisions of Behavioral Health and Office of Children Services, Alaska Department of Education - Education and Early Development, Alaska Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Alaska Mental Health Board, Arctic FASD Regional Training Center, Juneau Youth Services, Gastineau Human Services, Cathedral of the Nativity, Juneau Catholic Diocese, Glory Hole, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Catholic Community Services, Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC), Juneau Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship, Driftwood Lodge, Jim Becker, Randy Hurtte, Rev. Larry and Rev. Laura Rorem, K.J. and Peggy Metcalf, Don and Marion Gotschall, Buel and Nancy Hixon, Sandi Fiscus, Valley Lumber Company, Dr. Susan Hunter Joerns, Robbie Izzard, Sherri Wes, Lisa and Patrick Pennoyer, Jeri Museth, Geri Mata, Jodi Garrison, Ric Iannolino, Gus Marx, Genevieve Casey, Teri Tibbett and Deb Evensen. Many of the above people were involved for two years to plan this conference.

Presenters and Speakers: Rosa Miller, Amalia Monreal, Jenny Jackson, Morgan Fawcett, Deb Evensen, Dr. Sterling Clarren, Carolyn Hartness, Shannon Cross, Barbara Knapp, Dr. Corrie Whitmore, Gil Lucero, Sally Caldwell, Nick Paulie, , Barbara Day-Max, Charlene Lena Takeuchi, Kee Warner, Ken Kissinger, Dr. George Brown, Thea Jefferies, Gail Tharpe-Lucereo, Genevie Casey, Vance Sanders, Honorable Michael Jeffrey, Honorable Patricia Collins, Honorable Philip Pallenburg, Tom Wagnor, Karl Gallow, Ed Mercer, Mariya Lovishchuk, Kathryn "Kay" Kelly, Michael Baldwin, the Juneau FASD Diagnostic Team, Sandy Fiscus, Sue Hempel, Margaret Vrolyk, Ben Didrickson, Joe Zuboff, Father Thomas Weiss, Teri Tibbett, Doloresa Cadiente, Cheri Scott, Annie Geselle, and Scott Ciamber. Some of our presenters travelled at their own expense and/or waived speaker fees in order to participate.

Based upon the evaluations, attendees left the conference with an increased awareness and hope about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum. With a heart-felt "thank you" we wish to acknowledge the efforts of all who worked long hours, assisted with expenses, opened their homes, and shared their expertise. Juneau, you are a wonderful community.

K.J. Metcalf

Northern Light United Church

Conference Planning Chairman

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