More pedestrians passing coastal shooting range

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2011

ANCHORAGE — More walkers and skiers have been on the coastal flats behind the Rabbit Creek Shooting Park’s high-powered rifle range in Anchorage.

Marc Lester / Anchorage Daily News
Marc Lester / Anchorage Daily News

Range manager Steve Meyer is somewhat alarmed by that.

He said as far as he knows, no one has ever been hit by a bullet at the range, which has occupied the same spot since the 1950s.

Meyer said that despite warning signs, people have been spotted walking, skiing or biking behind the shooting range backstops eight to 10 times since January.

That’s an unusual increase, he said.

Most of the bullets fired stay within the range, but a stray or deflected bullet could escape, Meyer said. High-powered rifles can have a range of three miles, he said.

More than 23,000 people used the range in 2009, according to Meyer.

Anytime a person or an animal passes by, the shooting range staff orders a cease-fire over the loudspeaker.

Meyer said it’s preferable for people trying to transit the area to follow the maintained trail that winds through the coastal refuge and passes through the front parking lot of the shooting range.

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