Gastineau Avenue to be rebuilt this summer

Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2001

The city is advertising for bids to reconstruct Gastineau Avenue.

The estimated $5.3 million project, funded by the city, will repave Gastineau Avenue from Second Avenue to Bulger Way at least. Some citizens have asked the city to extend paving to the south end of the downtown road, which parallels South Franklin Street, but other residents have said they like the dirt surface there.

"We're essentially going to see what the neighborhood prefers," said city project manager Rorie Watt. "It's just not clear what that is."

The project also will replace water and sewer lines, install a new storm drain system, and reinforce or rebuild retaining walls. It will replace existing sidewalks and extend one on the uphill side of the road to the Bulger Way area, and on the downhill side to at least Rawn Way.

If the bid is low enough, the project also will replace utilities and stairways on First Street and Rawn, Decker and Ewing ways.

The road will be open to pedestrians throughout construction, which will start this summer and continue the following summer. But the road will be closed Monday to Friday for two weeks this summer, and during the days when utilities are being installed.

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