Worthy of respect


Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2001

I've known Kim Metcalfe Helmar for ... well, 40 years and she's been a dear friend to me and my family for at least 25 of them. I feel for her when I hear other people in Juneau insult her because they disagree with her politically. Sometimes, I disagree with her, too, but I always agree with her motives. Kim embodies compassion, intelligence, humor, humility and guts. I couldn't ask for a better friend than Kim and I think you'll find many other people in Juneau feel the same way.

Since Juneau has grown bigger and sprawled away from downtown, reducing our contact with one another, most people haven't had the opportunity to know Kim as I do. So, I guess some of them find it simpler to just insult and belittle her for her political opinions. Kim, like her father Vern, and her mother Pat, has never been afraid to stick her neck out if she thought she could improve a situation. I admire her for it. People like Kim do the work of our democracy without trying to enrich themselves. They have ideals which they strive to implement and defend. I don't admire those who sit on the sidelines, mocking, and hurling rotten tomatoes at people who are doing their best, and condemning them totally if they don't like their politics.

If you disagree with someone, for God's sake, have the depth of soul to grant them the respect we all deserve as human beings whether we are Republicans, Democrats, or whatever.

Lisle Hebert


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