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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2001

I hope all those trite attempts at witticism I've heard G.W. make since his inauguration do not indicate what is truly synthesizing in his mind. I can't seem to forget one such case that occurred shortly after his swearing in. While responding to comments made by White House pundits who expressed concern for the efficacy of a program necessary for his agenda's success, G.W. quipped it wouldn't matter because "I'm the president." It makes me think of Alexander Haig frantically (and erroneously) exclaiming during a Reagan administration emergency, "I'm in charge now."

There is no room for an autonomous authority in national leadership. Any nation delineated by our Constitution (enumerated specifically to eschew public autonomy) ought be put aghast by these chilling attempts at humor. On the other hand, if it really is monarchical autonomy G.W. believes now to be his, such deviate interpretation of politics in America would explain his total disregard (and disrespect) for the fundamentals of democracy; even in this republic so created. Rome of antiquity taught decision-making is a survival necessity in societies where the "faulted soul" reside. What, other than total indifference toward our Constitution, would explain G.W.'s railroading through the House of an unsubstantiated, and to the majority of us voters without a brainwashed education, inequitable tax cut?

I'm also praying that what appears to be going on in his mind while discussing plans for our national agenda is not contempt for that on which he is speaking, as it so appears. It is relieving when I see him fidgeting during a high-level meeting with the South Korean president. Them discussing the very serious matter of North Korea's nuclear capacity compels me to conclude this non-verbal communication is simply the articulation of an undisciplined mind.

Therefore, after watching and listening to G.W. during last year's campaign then witnessing his appearances post-Al Gore's brilliant concession to end the nation's divisiveness and excluding an accelerated curve for the U.S. voters who now dominate the political arena, the only hope left is that God truly blesses America.

John S. Sonin


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