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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2001

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Do the people who don't pay their sales tax realize they are stealing? They could go to jail for it. I ran a small business here for 15 years and I always paid my sales tax on time. Those people should have to put that money in a special account that only goes to the city and borough.

Velma Dawson

To the people who feel Word of Mouth the way it is now is un-American, I don't know what America they are from but my America does grant you freedom of speech. It does not grant you the freedom of anonymous speech. This country was founded on if you believe in something strong enough, put your name on it. People who believe you can say anything about anyone at any time without any responsibility are from the other America, the one they tried and almost succeeded to build approximately 55 years ago. Fortunately we were able to defeat and bury Hitler along with most of his beliefs.

Steve Irwin

I was really disheartened to read Betsy Fischer's letter to the editor. I had hoped the dialogue in this town could have a more civil tone this tourism season.

Deniece Smith

For those of you looking for something to do over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, you should consider seeing "Dancing at Lughnasa," set in Donegal County in 1936. It's a beautiful Irish play and really showcases excellent local talent.

Karen Perdue

The Assembly should not need to look at pulltab charities' financial records. The disputed sales tax money belongs to the people of the CBJ. It's great that pulltab charities want to repay the tax, but not at the expense of future sales tax. I suggest extending the repayment time frame and increasing the interest. No future tax breaks.

Mike Peterson

I was pleased to see teacher Fred Hiltner stress the importance of visiting classrooms to get a grounded perspective on what's going on in the education of our young people. More importantly, Fred encouraged the idea of volunteering in the schools. School communities really appreciate the help and students benefit in a big way. Kudos to the 200 or so parents and community members who have stepped into a Juneau classroom this year to lend a hand.

Kimberly Homme

The introduction of recipes in last night's newspaper coupled with the dried remains of a once-lively Word of Mouth column leads me to conclude that the Juneau Empire has just traded food for thought.

Nancy Rongstad

In answer to Gary Johnson's query about what's going on with all the recent accidents in the U.S. military, we've had eight years of misallocations of military funds, resources and troops. We're now paying the price and we're going to continue to pay the price for quite a few more years. Training has been put off, spare parts are depleted, ammunition supplies are low. It's a pretty dismal situation.

Rick Currier

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