Three students advance to state science fair

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2002

Organizers of the 10th annual Capital City High School Science Fair have released a complete list of the awards given at the event March 2 at the Marie Drake gym. The fair attracted about 114 students.

The three winners of gold awards, who will go on to the state science fair in Anchorage, are Nellie Olsen, Carl Brodersen and Tally Teal.

Winners of silver awards are Lauren Brooks, Stephanie Joyce, Lia Carpeneti, Claire Imamura, Sarah Moore, Bryan Cormack, Andrew Pendleton, Colby Marvin and Courtney Allen.

Winners of bronze awards are Peter Griffin, Rosalia Untalasco, Mathew Wendell, Kacie Timothy, Robyn Grayson, Chris Haecker, Natalie Hale, Tyler Hennon, Matthew Majoros, Trevor Fritz, Betsy Dorn, Kayl Overcast and Alida Bus.

Some students also won special awards.

Lia Carpeneti, Sarah Moore and Mathew Wendell won fourth-year awards. Casey Timothy won the Greens Creek Mining Co. scholarship. Nellie Olsen, Grace Dalman, Lia Carpeneti, Sarah Moore and Claire Imamura won Southeast Alaska Master Gardener's Association Awards.

Nathan Schroeder won the Perpetual Motion Award; Heather Harris the Juneau Home Economics Association Scholarship; and Nellie Olsen the University of Alaska Southeast Scholarship.

Also: Natalie Hale won the Mendenhall Watershed Partnership Award; Mathew Wendell, Peter Griffin and Rosalio Untalasco the Juneau Gastineau Masonic Lodge No. 21 Awards; and Mathew Wendell, Peter Griffin and Rosalio Untalasco the Juneau Amateur Radio Club Awards.

Natalie Hale won the Juneau Audubon Society Award; Linda Bruce and Whitney Richards the National Weather Service Awards; Kyle Hein and Nellie Olsen the Discovery Southeast Awards; and Nathan Schroeder the DIPAC Award.

Heather Harris won the Iris Award; Courtney Allen the Alaska Miners Association Award; Lauren Brooks the Wellspring Award; and Peter Griffin, Rosalio Untalasco and Mathew Wendell the Haight and McLaughlin Award.

Nellie Olsen and Nina Schwinghopper won the Society of American Foresters Awards; Nellie Olsen and Kyle Overcast the Elizabeth and Ronald Dippold Award; and Carl Lundquist the Forest Service Award.

The Juneau branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers held a balsa bridge contest, open to students of all ages, at the same time as the science fair. Bridges were judged by their efficiency, which is calculated by dividing the load the bridge carried at its structural failure by the bridge's weight.

Matt Voelckers won the senior division for both the truss and the beam categories. Carl Brodersen placed second in both categories. Devon Kebby and Emmet Davis were third in the senior truss division.

Helena Benedict won the junior division truss category, followed by Joey Bosworth. Riley Davis, D.J. Donovan and Rebecca Demmert were third. Stephanie Johnson won the junior division beam category, and Emilee Johnson placed second.

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