Senior Menu

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2002

Monday, March 18

Halibut caddy ganty

Brown bean salad

Baked sweet potato and apples


Grapefruit chunks

Tuesday, March 19

Beef and vegetable soup

Tomato and cheese sandwich

Danish salad

Oatmeal Cookies

Wednesday, March 20

Hot turkey sandwich on bread

Spinach salad

Pineapple chunks

Thursday, March 21

Beef stroganoff with noodles

Tomato aspic

Steamed zucchini

Apple dessert

Friday, March 22

Cinnamon chicken with green pepper

August salad

Creamed corn

Whole wheat bread

Chocolate cookies

Monday, March 25

Seward's Day Holiday

Center Closed

Tuesday, March 26

BBQ Chicken

Creamy Coleslaw

Baked Beans

Baking Soda


Citrus Cup

Wednesday, March 27

Hungarian Goulash

Sunshine Salad

Harvard Beets

Pumpkin Cake

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